About the Brand

Band of the Wild costumes are designed to bring a spark to the expanding imagination of a child, a bit of wild freedom and story building to their day. Made to convert to a pajama, when it’s time for bed, they take off the wings and hood and hop into bed. All of the costume parts are interchangeable with multiple animal accessories to choose from. They are easy for a child's small hands to manage with soft elastic and a simple design for independent play.

We have an environmental mission to join the band of truly sustainable companies. Every day we are working toward this goal and will always be transparent with our environmental impact and try to avoid “green-washing” our products.


Sustainability 2024


95% locally sourced fabric

15% deadstock fabric

Shipping in compostable mailers with compostable inserts and labels

Manufacturing locally in Los Angeles

Low carbon footprint at home office

Recycling fabric scraps




About the Creator, Rachel Jones

I started making costumes for my son when he was around 3 because his deepest play was when he was dressed up and fully in character. I would make fun accessories for him, a fantastic cape, a huge clown collar, a Peter Pan hat. I also loved making elaborate, beautiful, and completely wild costumes for Halloween. If I tell the whole truth, I like making costumes for myself the best! But my extravagant, time collapsing designing weeks for a one evening of wear adult costume doesn’t feel wasteful at all to me! I’ve discovered it inspires the mini collection in a more imaginative way than if I only think of what a little kid would like. 

One of my favorite new designs is the rose. This one started for me many years ago when I made something similar for my daughter who was premature and only 4 or 5 lbs when Halloween came round so I wasn’t finding the costumes I liked for her size. I started with this beautiful red brushed satin for the petals, I wanted them to absolutely bloom, to look like they were slowly unfolding above her sweet little face. The rich green velvet bud pointed on her forehead like a leaf, and this little widows peak was so cute in framing the face I like to put it in all of my costume. One of the trademark Band of the Wild features that I want to keep. 

Thank you for stopping by, I would love to hear from you! Send your questions, reviews and ideas to me at racheljones@bandofthewild.com