Band of the Wild costumes are designed to give added color, spark and shape to a child’s ever expanding imagination but two features make them stand apart. First, they all convert to a pajama. That means when its time for bed, you just take off your wings and hood and hop into bed. Second, they are made to be interchangeable, if you purchase a pajama there are multiple animal accessories to choose from. They are easy for your child's small hands to manage with magnetic snaps, soft elastic and a simple design for independent play.

As a mother I want to make costumes that last, that are durable, washable, and that don’t end up in a landfill. I have an environmental mission to join the band of truly sustainable companies. Every day I work toward this goal. For example, 50% of my fabric is dead-stock, waste fabric from bigger companies and wherever possible, I buy organic. I choose fabric for it’s durability as well as the sewing practices so that they last and can be passed down. I use very minimal packaging for shipping and it is either compostable and made of plants, or recyclable paper mailers made from recycled materials.

I grew up deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I was the middle kid of 5 brothers and sisters. I know how this next part sounds, but here goes: We didn’t really go to school. Instead, we played in the woods. Every day, we ran far and we ran wild, guided only by our imaginations and the wonder of the forest. After college, I moved to New York City where I worked as a nutritionist. But when I moved to Los Angeles, I suddenly had the opportunity to do something else I loved to do, which is to make art and to sew and design. I worked on costumes for the movie Bridesmaids, I did wardrobe for a Jennifer Lopez video, I made dolls, and women’s clothing. I taught sewing at a school in Echo Park. I also got married and became a mother. When I wasn’t doing this, that and the other thing caring for my small children, sometimes I would just watch them play. It took me back to the the woods when I was a child. I missed that feeling of being in a band, of being wild, I missed the forest. And so, I created Band of the Wild.